Weighing systems for bunkers


    Sensors that measure the deformation of the metal are mounted on the foot of each asphalt concrete plant. A cab-mounted weighing computer is mounted on the panel. There are tare and undo buttons when pressed to see the actual weight loaded on the trailer. At a weight of 100 tons of finished products, a warehouse error of no more than 3 percent and a loading error of no more than 500 kg are guaranteed. During unloading, the asphalt transport trolley must stand under the mixer.


Weighing system for trucks


  • Ideal for trucks;
  • Allows an unlimited number of axes;
  • Easy to adapt to new and existing vehicles;
  • No driver input required;
  • Axle and general overload warnings;
  • From 7.5 tonnes to an unlimited gross vehicle weight;
  • Trailer identification;
  • Overload protection: audible or visual signal;
  • Balanced load distribution;
  • Maximizes load capacity;
  • VCA certified;