STAR ASPHALT S.p.A. represents a reliable referential point in the area of road construction. Since its foundation, the company has followed a balanced growth strategy and it has improved in time becoming an important presence in the world of road.

Today STAR ASPHALT S.p.A. operates in Europe, Asia and Africa, as well as on the whole Italian national territory, through a competent and qualified sales network.


    STAR ASPHALT S.p.A. products:


  • Adhesion promoters (Antistripping Agent) for all bitumen types;
  • Warm-mix additives, for lower production, laying and compaction temperatures;
  • Rejuventors for Reclaimes Asphalt Pavements, in hot and cold production;
  • Flux oils for plastic cold mixes;
  • Cellulose fibers for special asphalt with high percentage of bitumen;
  • Additives for bitumen and asphalt modification;
  • Emulsifiers for Cationic and Anionic Bitumen Emuslion;
  • Transparent binders for colorless or colored conglomerates;
  • Mortars, water based, for pedastrian coloured paving systems;